Through a labor-intensive process, milliners transform the raw woven straw
into your fashion statement.

Eggcup Designs Special Occasion Hats and Kentucky Derby Hats.

Traditional millinery is time consuming, but the end result is a long lasting, hand crafted accessory that you can wear for years. Our beautiful, handcrafted ladies’ hats are made the old fashioned way: each is hand blocked, lined and trimmed from the finest quality materials available. We specialize in eye-catching designs for ladies who consider the wearing of a hat to be a serious matter.
The hats shown on this page without prices are available at hat shops, please contact us and we will help you find the hat of your dreams. Most of the hats can me made in other colors and trim color combinations.
Corine : Ivory parisisal and ivory peacock feathers.
Corine:  Pink parisisol aand pink peacock feathers.
Corine  Black with Black Feather Poof
Corine:  Yellow parisisal and yellow peacock feathers.
Corine  Pink with Hot Pink  Feather Poof
Corine  Ivory with Black Feather Poof