There was a time when every lady wore a hat, and every one of them looked great.
Custom Made Headwear
Measure your head and we will make the hat to fit.

Wrap a cloth tape measure around your head where you will wear the hat. Aproximately 1" above the eyebrows and slightly above
the ears on the sides. Also, make sure the tape lies over the small bump at the base of your skull. You should measure more than
once to be sure.

there are many hats that are specifically designed with broad brims for extensive sun and cold exposure, fedora hat,flat brim, style

Eggcup Designs uses fur velour and felt for our fall and winter line, which is softer and more

luxurious than wool felt. All hats are custom orders.

Zoro with Birds

Fur felt only.
Wide flat 4 1/2’’ brim.
Head size: 221/2" or 23"
Colors: black, silver,
wine, navy, bronze,
brown , loden,
alabaster and white


Fur felt only.
Wide flat 4 1/2’’ brim.
Head size: 221/2" or 23"
Colors: black, silver, navy,
wine, brown, bronze, loden,
alabaster and white
Rainbow Sailor

Fur felt sailor brim hat with multi color topstitching and
multi color topstitching and colorful feather pom-pom.
Head size: 221/2" or 23"
colors: black or white fur felt

Fur Felt
Silver, Navy, Brown and Black
Head size 23"

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Fur Felt
White and Alabaster

Head size 23"

Head size 23"
Sabel brown shown, Loden, Aubergine, Charcoal, Midnight Navy and Black

When Giraffes Fly

Head size: 22", 221/2" and 23"
Wide cloche brim hat and animal print fur and animal
prints: giraffe, leopard,and baby cheetah


Head size: 22", 221/2" and 23"
Fur felt
colors: red, navy, silver,
alabaster, black
Roux Homburg Hat

A classic hat style for women and men made in fur velour with grosgrain ribbon trim.
Head size: 221/2"and 23"
Colors: wine, med.grey, navy and black

Starry Night Fedora
330.00 two tone velour
310.00 two tone fur felt
Inspired by Van Gough’s starry night.
A two tone fedora hand stitched with stars.