Traditional millinery is time consuming, but the end result is a long lasting, hand crafted accessory that you can wear for years.
Custom Made Headwear
Measure your head and we will make the hat to fit.

Wrap a cloth tape measure around your head where you will wear the hat. Aproximately 1" above the eyebrows and slightly above
the ears on the sides. Also, make sure the tape lies over the small bump at the base of your skull. You should measure more than
once to be sure.
for the power of hats to confer dignity and attractiveness upon the wearer stems from a long historical tradition.
a stylish hat has always made a statement of rank, elegance, or self-esteem.
ornate headpieces, wide, dramatic brims and fun colors

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Eggcup Designs Favorite Winter Cloche Hats.

Downton Abbey Style Hats for Women, 1920's, cloche hat, sun and cold protection, ladies cloche hats

Fanny Cloche  290.00

A fur felt draped cloche hat trimmed with grosgrain ribbon and lined with a soft cotton print.

head size: 22" 22.5" 22.75 23" 23.5"
colors: brown, black, navy, loden and alabaster
Denga Cloche  340.00
A Fur velour cloche hat with a pleated brim and trimmed with grosgrain ribbon and lined with a soft cotton print.
head size: 22" 22.5" 22.75 23" 23.5"
colors: alabaster, brandy, petrol, navy, black and loden