You could call it a classically beautiful optical illusion.
We make hats for the new American look.
All the hats on this page are samples and are sold in the color combo as shown.

Eggcup Designs 
The masks are made with traditional millinery supplies for a less clinical looking mask and using our own pattern, allows space for eyeglasses and a nose wire for a close fit. The masks don’t have the painful ear loops, we use a millinery elastic band. All masks are finished with grosgrain ribbon for a neat millinery  finish and made with combinations of cotton/cotton silk/cotton and sinamay. 
Mask can be hand washed with hot soapy water.
Don’t twist.
Pat dry and allow it to dry.
Don’t hang up mask by the elastic band.

The masks are available in sizes
XS, S, M, LG
33.00 includes shipping via USPS

Aileen 300.00
Wide brim pari sisal
trimmed with
hybrid feathers and
two silk roses.

In stock  22 1/2"
Electra 145.00
Wide brim pari sisal
trimmed with a rose
hybrid feathers.

In stock  22 1/2"
Adara 140.00
Saucer shaped pari sisal
and hybrid feathers.

In stock
Evadne 485.00
Two tone pari sisal
trimmed with quills
and a silk rose.

In stock
Choosing The Right Hat
You could call it a beautiful optical illusion.
Every woman looks magnificent in the right hat. Following are some tips to help you create a balances between your face shape and the hat.

OVAL: Lucky you! You can wear any style you choose. Pay particular attention to hats with streamlined shapes that are worn forward. In addition, square or round crowns, or brims swept up on the side(s) or back will complement you.

ROUND: Big hats are a good style for you. Try hats with wide crowns, such as a rounded mad hatter, a wide sailor brim or a wide Breton style (upturned brim). Berets, cloches and pillbox hats worn off your face can also be good choices.
Asymmetrical brims will lessen the roundness of your face. Round faces are good hat faces and look good in many styles.

LONG: Choose hats with a shallow crown or a mad hatter style with a sailor brim. Upturned brims pulled low will add width.

SQUARE: Try fedora styles, peek-a-boo brims or a sailor brims. Also, consider a beret style.

WIDE: Off the face styles, Bretons (upturned brims) or pillboxes worn back will add "lift".

HEART: Experiment with asymmetrical designs, square or round crowns tilted to one side, profile hats and brims with soft curves.

Remember, these are only tips! If you like a hat style, wear it with confidence and be happy.